Sunday, December 10, 2023
News Report: Subaru Solterra STI Set to Launch in Summer 2024

Report: Subaru Solterra STI Set to Launch in Summer 2024

Is a Solterra STI Launching Next Summer? Rumors Suggest So!

  • Subaru plans to launch an STI version of its first Battery Electric Vehicle, the Solterra, in summer 2024.

  • Revealed at the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon, the Solterra STI aims to redefine electric vehicle performance with a focus on suspension tuning.

  • While details are limited, the Solterra STI’s development hints at Subaru’s commitment to both electrification and high-performance driving, raising questions about a possible high-performance Toyota variant.

Subaru is gearing up to introduce an STI version of its first-ever BEV, the Solterra, in summer 2024, according to the Japanese website Best Car. The report says that the Solterra STI promises a driving experience imbued with STI-specific tuning characteristics. Here’s what we know so far about this possible addition to Subaru’s lineup.

The STI Variant

Subaru caught the attention of automotive enthusiasts when it exhibited the STI variant of its Solterra at the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon. This was a clear signal of Subaru’s commitment to bringing a high-performance electric vehicle to the market. Subaru Tecnica International, or STI, is the automaker’s performance-tuning subsidiary known for its role in Subaru’s rally successes and performance road cars. By introducing an STI variant of the Solterra, Subaru promises to bring a new layer of performance characteristics that could set new standards in electric driving dynamics.

Under Development: A Focus on Suspension

Although Subaru has not yet released detailed information about what the STI tuning will entail, Best Car’s sources confirm that the focus is currently on suspension enhancements. This indicates that the Solterra STI aims to deliver a driving experience that strikes a balance between agility and comfort, potentially setting new benchmarks for electric vehicles in this regard.

“STe” Trademark Connection

Earlier this summer, Motor Trend revealed that Subaru filed for trademark protection for the name “STe” in Germany. This intriguing development raises the question of whether the Solterra STI could be the first vehicle to bear this new tag. The “STe” moniker could be an innovative way to combine the sporty heritage of STI with the new era of electric vehicles, creating a unique identity that encapsulates both performance and sustainability.

As we inch closer to its supposed launch, more details are sure to emerge, shedding further light on this electrifying chapter in Subaru’s storied history. And with the Solterra being a joint development with Toyota, the question naturally arises: could a high-performance Toyota GR bZ4X variant be on the horizon? Only time will tell, but the possibilities are electrifying.

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