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Should-you-buy Should You Buy a 2021 BMW 330e?

Should You Buy a 2021 BMW 330e?

Fun and fuel efficient.

The 3 Series is one of the best models in the entry-luxury car segment, and we’re going to take a look at BMW’s latest editions: the plug-in-hybrid 330e. The 3 Series has been a staple of the BMW lineup for decades, but one of the latest editions — the 2021 BMW 330e— is anything but ordinary. It has several features that make it not only an efficient car but also one that is fun to drive. The new BMW 330e sedan makes use of both electric power and traditional fossil-fuel power, which helps it achieve great fuel efficiency.

The BMW 330e Sedan is the first plug-in hybrid vehicle in the BMW 3 Series lineup. It uses an electric motor, a high voltage battery pack and an internal combustion gasoline engine to enhance the performance driving experience of the 3 Series. It comes with a 2.0-litre TwinPower Turbo engine that produces 181 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque, complemented by an electric traction motor that’s good for 107 hp and 77 lb-ft of torque. Together, they produce 288 horsepower and 310 lb-ft of torque with the help of a new piece of technology.

Indeed, this all-new PHEV sedan offers a unique feature called XtraBoost. When engaged, this feature delivers a burst of power every time the driver depresses the throttle pedal to kick down. Available only in SPORT mode, XtraBoost gives an immediate increase of 40 hp for up to 10 seconds.

The new 2021 BMW 330e models have a starting price of $44,950 for the 330e and $56,952 for the 330e xDrive Sedan.

Now that we have a thorough understanding of the car, let’s see if it’s a good buy.

Why you should buy a 2021 BMW 330e:

2021 BMW 330e xDrive | Photo: Olivier Delorme

  • The fuel economy. I was able to drive 600 km without using more than 20L of fuel, and more than one-third of that distance was on the highway.
  • The BMW 330e is the perfect car to go about your daily business without using any fuel. It can run about 35 km on a full battery and it’s great for running errands around town!
  • The driving dynamics. The 330i is a truly engaging car to drive, and the BMW 330e offers the same level of engagement. Even with the added weight from the batteries, it is still an impressive car that is thrilling to drive.
  • The interior of the BMW 330e is luxurious, featuring high-quality materials and premium technology throughout.
  • No more fumbling for the car key! The BMW Digital Key allows you to unlock and start your car from a compatible smartphone.

Why you shouldn’t buy a 2021 BMW 330e:

2021 BMW 330e xDrive | Photo: Olivier Delorme

  • The trunk is not as spacious as it could be because the battery eats into the space. (373L in the 330e xDrive compared to 478L in the 330i xDrive.)
  • I drove the car during summer and was able to get 37 km on a single charge, but I don’t think that will be the case for the upcoming winter, where the range will be considerably reduced.
  • The PHEV, compared to the 330i xDrive, costs $4500 more. While this might not seem like a lot, there are several things you need to consider. The 330e has a lower range in the winter and weighs about 450 lbs more than the 330i xDrive; it might not be worth the extra cost.


2021 BMW 330e xDrive | Photo: Olivier Delorme

Most people today don’t drive as much as they used to, and cars like the 2021 BMW 330e make it easy for you to go green and still be able to live your life. The 330e is a great choice for those who want the benefits of an electric car but are not ready for a fully-electric vehicle. With a range varying between 32 and 37 km depending on the version and all of the BMW’s luxurious amenities, you’ll be good to go no matter what.

That being said, after spending time with my tester, my biggest takeaway is that the BMW 330e is a great choice for anyone looking for a sportier alternative to the 330i. It’s very enjoyable to drive and can get you to work or back home in complete EV mode without ever needing to use petrol. The only ding is you’ll need to spend close to $60,000 if you want all-wheel-drive. If this price tag isn’t standing in your way, then yes — I’d recommend you go and get yourself this PHEV sedan.

2021 BMW 330e xDrive | Photo: Olivier Delorme

2021 BMW 330e xDrive | Photo: Olivier Delorme

2021 BMW 330e xDrive | Photo: Olivier Delorme

2021 BMW 330e xDrive | Photo: Olivier Delorme

2021 BMW 330e xDrive | Photo: Olivier Delorme

2021 BMW 330e xDrive | Photo: Olivier Delorme

2021 BMW 330e xDrive | Photo: Olivier Delorme

2021 BMW 330e xDrive | Photo: Olivier Delorme

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