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Should-you-buyShould You Buy a 2022 Mini Cooper SE?

Should You Buy a 2022 Mini Cooper SE?

The new fully-electric Mini Cooper SE is incredibly entertaining to drive if only over short-ish distances

  • Pricing for the Cooper SE starts at $40,990 in Canada, $29,990 in the US.

  • The electric Mini Cooper SE fully embodies the spirit of Mini.

  • Its limited range makes it a heavy urban biased EV.

Some consumers out there still think that electric vehicles are boring, but nothing could be further from the truth. Still, more car buyers assume that EVs are impossibly expensive but once more, this is not entirely accurate. On both points, may we present the new 2022 Mini Cooper SE.

2022 Mini Cooper S E | Photo: Olivier Delorme

This fully electric Mini is an unexpected pleasure among EVs where everything that has made Minis great for more than 60 years is all built-in. The car’s size does pose some limitations as far as powertrain technology packaging is concerned but this is only an issue if the Cooper SE’s range catches you off-guard.

Above all, the Mini Cooper SE is not a typical EV and doesn’t exactly compete with any other similarly priced competitor at the moment. In fact, it’s the only 2-door EV offered in North America today, making it beyond unique.

The question might then be whether or not you should buy an electric Mini Cooper over a “regular” Cooper S? Whatever the case may be, here’s how we see the debate going:

2022 Mini Cooper S E | Photo: Olivier Delorme

Why you should buy a 2022 Mini Cooper SE:

  • The most important aspect is that the Mini Cooper’s essence is intact. Unlike the Cooper 5-door or Countryman, the SE is all Mini.
  • The Cooper SE is just as attractive as the other 3-door Coopers.
  • The front-mounted electric motor generates an electrifying 181 horsepower (8 short of the Cooer S) and a generous 199 lb.-ft. of torque. This means it’ll reach 100km/h in about 7 seconds, about a half-second off the Copper S’ pace.
  • In Canada, pricing starts at a somewhat steep $40,990 however with Federal and Provincial incentives, it’s only a few grand more than the Cooper S.
  • On a Level 2 home charger, the Cooper SE needs only about eight hours to fully recharge. On a Level DC Fast Charger (maximum 50kW), an 80% charge is reached in only 35 minutes.
  • The Mini Cooper SE features three drive modes (Sport, Mid, and Green) which really live up to their names. In Sport, the Cooper is a blast.
  • With a simple flick of one of its toggle switches, the Cooper SE’s regenerative braking goes from mild to strong. The latter enables one-pedal driving.
  • The level of built-in technology and features is impressive. An 8.8-inch touchscreen is standard, as are a 5.5-inch digital driver display, Apple CarPlay, and navigation. You’ll also find a heated steering wheel, heated front seats, a heat pump, and more.
  • Best of all, the 2022 Mini Cooper SE drives like a nervous, agitated, and highly addictive Mini Cooper. The fat-rimmed steering wheel instantly transmits steering inputs to wheels and the chassis’ responsiveness is exciting.
2022 Mini Cooper S E | Photo: Olivier Delorme

Why you should not buy a 2022 Mini Cooper SE: 

  • If you need to drive more than 150km in one direction on a regular basis, the included 32-kWh battery’s claimed 183km of range won’t give you much of a grace period. My maximum indicated range was 163km in the Mid drive mode.
  • The instant torque turns out to be borderline too much for the FWD configuration. Torque steer is very present under mild to hard acceleration.
  • The steering wheel might be a little too fat for some…


The new 2022 Mini Cooper SE is an incredibly entertaining take on electric vehicles. Mini lovers the world over will adore what’s been done to their favorite small pocket rocket. It really is a Mini Cooper that’s swapped its petrol engine for an electric motor.

This EV is meant for urban commuting. Its size, nimbleness, agility, and power were all designed to conquer any and all urban jungles. Trips up to the cottage need to be planned in advance especially if the drive will take you near the range’s limits. Otherwise, a pitstop at a charging station will be a necessity.

The 2022 Mini Cooper SE is proof that all EVs are not nor will ever be all the same. This one happens to be loaded with Mini personality.

2022 Mini Cooper S E | Photo: Olivier Delorme
2022 Mini Cooper S E | Photo: Olivier Delorme


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