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NewsStellantis is Moving Towards Electrification with Jeep at the Forefront

Stellantis is Moving Towards Electrification with Jeep at the Forefront

Jeep will lead Stellantis in its electrification in North America by launching its first EV next year.

  • Stellantis is giving priority to Europe in its electrification plans

  • Jeep will lead the automaker in North America by introducing its first EV next year

  • Lancia, Fiat, and Vauxhall have all committed to selling only EVs, some as soon as 2026

Stellantis doesn’t currently sell electric vehicles in North America and it only has three plug-in hybrid models on the continent.

In order to make up for its late start, the company plans a fairly aggressive entry into the North American EV market, with a number of electric vehicles from Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram set to be introduced by 2026.

This shift towards EVs will be spearheaded by Jeep since the brand will introduce its first electric model next year.

In order to keep its off-road credentials, Jeep is ensuring that its electrified models are capable of going anywhere its gasoline-powered vehicles can go. This is why the company tests its future vehicles on the Rubicon trail, which its current plug-in hybrid models are capable of completing using only their electric power. In addition, Jeep has begun installing charging stations for its vehicles at the end of the most popular off-road trails in the United States.

To speed up the electrification process, Stellantis recently announced it will spend $2.5 billion USD on a battery plant in the US, in addition to a similar factory that was announced earlier in Canada. These two facilities are the first step in the company’s move towards EVs since they will supply the batteries needed for the company’s electric and hybrid vehicles built in North America.

In Europe, the situation is different for Stellantis, since some of its brands already have EVs, but the automaker is also working on an aggressive plan to increase its market presence in that segment.

This means that Lancia and Vauxhall have already committed to becoming EV-only brands, as soon as 2026 for the Italian company. Fiat and Jeep are likely to be the next divisions to make a similar announcement.


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