Friday, September 18, 2020
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Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 Winter Tire Test Wrap-up

The Hakka R3 is a top-tier winter tire. Winter condition driving performance is exceptional, and beyond. Yes, it’s already time to think about winter tires… Nokian has been at the forefront of winter tire technology for decades. They hold more than 100 patents related...

Bad News : Winter Is Coming. Good News: Now’s The Time To Make A Winter Tire Install Appointment

Fall is here so we know what’s next. In order to avoid the mad rush to get your winter tires installed, make an appointment now. I know, we know, it’s crazy to think that the summer of 2019 is already behind us. And no matter...

The Best Time To Buy Winter Tires Is Now

Winter tire testing with a BMW X3
The snow is melting, April’s just around the corner and you will be installing your summer wheels and tires this weekend. What about your worn-out winter tires? You should deal with them now. The vast majority of we who wisely install season-appropriate winter tires on...

Winter Tires In Summer Aren’t Dangerous, They Are Just Not Ideal

Using Winter Tires in Summer
It's the time of year where many drivers are wondering if they can use their winter tires in summer. Maybe you can't afford a new set of summer tires right now. Maybe your winter tires are worn and you know you won't be using them...

Three Things That Happen When Using Winter Tires in Summer

Winter Tires in Summer
This is what will happen if you decide to keep your winter tires in summer. Is using winter tires in summer really that bad? Most will tell you its horrible, that it's the worst thing you can ever do and that you're putting not only...