Friday, June 9, 2023
News Tesla Could Open its Supercharging Network in the US by the End...

Tesla Could Open its Supercharging Network in the US by the End of the Year

EV drivers could soon be able to use a Tesla Supercharger in the United States despite driving a non-Tesla vehicle.

  • Tesla has already opened its network to other vehicles in some European countries

  • The Biden administration made an announcement that hints at the possibility of a similar Pilot program in the US in 2022

  • The superchargers will have to be adapted to use the standard connector type used by every other EVs

Tesla might launch a pilot program that would open its American Supercharger network to every EV driver by the end of the year.

The company’s charging network is one of the strongest in the United States due to its large number of charging stations and their locations, which facilitate long road trips.

As of now, only Tesla vehicles have been able to use Superchargers in North America due to the automaker using a different plug design than every other automaker.

Tesla was forced to open up its network to drivers of other EVs in Norway and it has chosen to do the same in a number of other European countries.

In order to speed up the adoption of electric vehicles in the United States, the Biden administration asked Tesla to allow other EV drivers to use its stations in the country.

In a recent statement made by the US government, it seems like the automaker has agreed to do so by launching a pilot program that will see the installation of new Superchargers equipped with a standard Level 3 connector, which will allow electric vehicles of any brand to get a top-up.

No official dates have been announced, but the statement says that Tesla will begin the manufacture of the necessary equipment to make its network compatible with other EVs later this year, which means that the pilot project could be launched before 2023.

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