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NewsTesla Could Release Details About its New Platform in March

Tesla Could Release Details About its New Platform in March

Tesla could make a step towards more affordable EVs with the launch of a new platform that will cut production costs in half.

  • This new platform will reportedly be half as expensive to manufacture as its current platforms.

  • This means it could be used to underpin the long-awaited $25,000 Tesla.

  • Details should come during the company’s first Investor Day on March 1st.

Tesla seems to have many projects in the wings, with the Cybertruck, the Semi, the Roadster, the Optimus Robot, and the entry-level $25,000 EV all having been talked about in the last few years.

This last project could soon become more than an idea, however since the company announced it will reveal more details about its upcoming “Generation 3” platform at the beginning of March.

In previous public appearances, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that this new vehicle platform could reduce the company’s manufacturing costs by half when compared with its current platforms.

This would make it possible for the company to build and profit off of a more affordable model that has been teased a few times already.

Indeed, Tesla and its CEO have alluded to a $25,000 electric vehicle that would slot below the Model 3 in its product range in order to attract a new category of buyers.

Often called the Model 2, this EV could be a small electric hatchback, but few details are known as of now.

As late as last year, Elon Musk said that the company wasn’t working on the Model 2 because the Optimus humanoid robot had been prioritized, but this doesn’t mean that the platform wasn’t in the works.

Sources close to Tesla say that this new model could be unveiled in 2024 ahead of sales starting in 2025.

This has to be taken with a grain of salt, however, since Tesla is known for delaying new products for years after they have been unveiled.

In addition, the $25,000 USD target price might not be upheld by the company since the promised $35,000 Model 3 was very difficult to order and only offered for a short time.

Tesla will announce the details about the new platform during its first-ever Investor Day, on Mach 1st.

Many believe the company will hold this event in order to regain the confidence of its investors after its stock plummeted by 60% in 2022.

Source: Teslarati


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