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NewsThe First VinFast Store in Canada is Now Opened

The First VinFast Store in Canada is Now Opened

VinFast is getting ready to start Canadian sales with the opening of its first store in the country.

  • The company will use a direct sales model, but store employees will be able to help with the purchase process.

  • The first store is in Toronto’s Yorkdale mall and future locations will include malls in Laval and Vancouver.

  • VinFast also plans five additional sales and service centers in the country.

VinFast is about to enter the Canadian market, with the first deliveries of its VF8 electric SUV planned to occur within the next two months.

In preparation for this, the Vietnamese company opened its first store in the country yesterday, located within the Yorkdale Mall in Toronto.

This practice is fairly common among start-up automakers because it gives the brand greater visibility than could be achieved with a dedicated building.

Since VinFast intends to sell its cars directly to customers, without going through dealerships, this means that the Toronto store and the seven others currently planned will be company operated.

This means that customers who prefer to buy their car in person will be able to visit a physical location and test-drive the vehicle, while others will be able to complete the entire purchase without stepping out of their homes.

Unsurprisingly, the automaker wants to expand its Canadian presence rapidly, which is why the next two stores to open will be found in the CF Carrefour Laval in Quebec and the Park Royal Shopping Center in Vancouver, British Columbia.

In order to meet servicing needs, some of the stores will double as service centers which will offer a choice between traditional service or at-home service, where the company will pick up and drop off the vehicle at the customer’s house or place of work.

In order to gain the confidence of the Canadian public, VinFast counts on a 10-year, 200,000-kilometer warranty and the promise of North American manufacturing in a new factory in North Carolina.

Source: AutoNews Canada


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