Thursday, July 7, 2022
News The Fisker Ocean is Still Due to Arrive on the Market Later...

The Fisker Ocean is Still Due to Arrive on the Market Later This Year, CEO Says

Fisker says the Ocean is still on schedule for its planned arrival on the American market later in the year.

  • The Ocean is the first model to be launched by Fisker Inc.

  • This electric SUV will have a starting price of $37,500 in the United States

  • The company showed an image of the interior that features a rotating center display

Henrik Fisker, CEO of Fisker Inc., said in a recent shareholder’s meeting that he expects the Ocean, his company’s first vehicle, to arrive on sale in the US later in 2022.

This is consistent with the company’s earlier promises and the CEO believes that his company will be able to void the numerous production challenges that face automakers, such as component shortages and lingering Covid restrictions.

This might be optimistic, but only time will tell if the compact electric SUV set to be built in Austria by Magna will make it here on time.

On the same occasion, Fisker reiterated that this model will be an affordable electric vehicle, with a base price of $37,500 in the United States. In addition to being on the less expensive side of the scale for such a vehicle, this price will make the Fisker Ocean eligible for many states’ incentive programs, thus reducing the actual price even further.

Fisker Ocean Control mode | Photo: Fisker

Images and a video published by the manufacturer also reveal the Ocean will be fitted with a 17.1-inch rotating center display, which will allow drivers to choose which orientation they prefer, a first in the industry.

This could also be an interesting solution for the automakers who are unsure about which orientation is the best one, something that has been seen recently with many new cars switching from horizontal to vertical screens and vice-versa.

Fisker calls the vertical screen “Control mode” and the horizontal screen “Hollywood mode”, perhaps hinting that all of the features of the system might not be available in both orientations. A fixed button bank below the screen will keep some important control to hand at all times, such as the settings for the climate control system and the volume of the audio system.

Fisker Ocean Hollywood mode | Photo: Fisker

This announcement could lift some doubts over the viability of the company, whose founder is at his second try in the industry. His first company, Fisker Automotive, sold the Fisker Karma hybrid sports car for a few years before going bankrupt.

This time, the business seems more promising and the EV craze might make it a success in the coming years.

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