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NewsThe Ford F-150 Lightning will Resume Production on March 13

The Ford F-150 Lightning will Resume Production on March 13

The Ford F-150 Lightning will resume rolling off the assembly line in about 10 days.

  • Ford paused the assembly line about a month ago due to a truck that caught fire.

  • The trucks will be held at the factory until further notice.

  • No recall has been announced for trucks that have already been delivered.

Ford has announced it will resume production of the F-150 Lightning on March 13, about a month after the assembly line was abruptly shut down.

Back on February 4th, an F-150 Lightning that was charging in a holding lot ahead of its dispatch caught fire.

Neither the cause of this incident nor the extent of the damage has been announced, but Ford immediately halted production and ordered the shipment of trucks to stop.

The automaker hasn’t announced a recall for the trucks which are already on the road, perhaps because it is still working on a solution.

In any case, this issue is most likely resolved since the company announced earlier today that the Rouge Assembly plant in Detroit will resume the production of the electric pickup in about ten days.

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

However, all of the trucks which are currently at the factory and those that will be built in the coming weeks will be held until further notice, which suggests modifications could have to be made to their batteries.

This delay could also have been decided in order to give SK, Ford’s battery supplier, enough time to build back its stockpile of battery packs before production resumes.

The automaker hasn’t specified if production will ramp back up slowly or instantly return to its previous rate.

Even if things start slow, Ford will still be in a good position in terms of sales since the company as a whole saw an 11.8% increase in sales in 2023 over the same period last year, and a 68.1% year-over-year increase in February alone, when the Lightning accounted for 1,336 sales.

Source: Motor1.com


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