Monday, February 6, 2023
News The Future Electric Bentley will Look Like the New Batur

The Future Electric Bentley will Look Like the New Batur

Bentley unveiled the Batur and thus, its future design language.

  • Bentley unveiled the Mulliner Batur at the Monterey Car Week

  • This W12-powered coupe adopts a new design language that will be used on the brand’s electric models

  • Only 18 units of the Batur will be made

Bentley launched the Mulliner Batur, a very limited-production coupe that previews the brand’s future design language that will be applied to its electric vehicles.

Based on the Continental GT, the Batur is a grand-touring coupe that looks more modern than the other models in the brand’s lineup.

This was expected since its appearance will guide the style of every upcoming electric Bentley model. The most noticeable change is the headlamps, which are not made of two round elements as in every current Bentley model.

Instead, the headlamps are made of only one unit on each side that integrates a straight LED line that juts out from the top of an oval-shaped bottom part. This strip of light is probably where the turn signals are and the half-oval includes three separate LED projectors.

Bentley Mulliner Batur | Photo: Bentley

The grille is a large rectangle with rounded corners that sits almost vertically when viewed from the side. Its pattern is made of large lozenges divided into two smaller triangles, the lowest of each pair receiving a red accent.

The front bumper is also very distinctive since it features the same grille texture in a stretched “V” shape placed under the regular grille as well as two air intakes at the base of each corner.

From the side, the proportions of the Continental GT are fairly preserved, meaning that Bentley EVs could have similar silhouettes as the current models.

Bentley Mulliner Batur | Photo: Bentley

At the rear, the lighting elements are again the most distinctive feature, with the oval taillamps of previous models having been replaced by new units that recall the headlamps but stretched from the sides.

Inside, the interior is more conventional since it keeps the prominent center console and the three dials on the center of the dashboard that rotate to reveal the infotainment system.

One difference is the arrival of sustainable materials, such as carpets made from recycled plastic, and the presence of a new natural fibre instead of carbon fibre.

Bentley Mulliner Batur | Photo: Bentley

Just like every other Mulliner model, the Batur can be infinitely customized by its owners in terms of paint colours and interior materials.

Like the Bacalar that preceded it last year, the Batur will be produced in an extremely limited quantity and all of the 18 units that will ever be made have already been sold.

The W12-powered coupe has yet to undergo final testing but Bentley says customer deliveries will begin in late 2023.

Bentley Mulliner Batur | Photo: Bentley

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