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News The Japanese Version of the Subaru Solterra is Officially Unveiled

The Japanese Version of the Subaru Solterra is Officially Unveiled

The Subaru Solterra has been unveiled in Japan, the North American version will be unveiles in Los Angeles on November 17

  • The Solterra is the first electric vehicle from Subaru

  • The Japanese market model is unveiled, the North American version has to wait until November 17

  • Differences will be present between various markets

Subaru is getting ready to unveil the North American version of the Solterra, its first electric vehicle, on November 17 at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

In the meantime, the manufacturer has officially launched the model in Japan, which gives us an idea of what to expect.

This electric SUV was developed jointly with Toyota and it shares almost all its features with the new Toyota BZ4X, including most of its styling.

Despite this, there are a few differences between the models. For example, the Subaru has a black grille surround where the Toyota has a smooth front end and the headlights are not identical.

2023 Subaru Solterra (Japan) | Photo: Subaru
2023 Subaru Solterra (Japan) | Photo: Subaru


At the rear, only the taillamps seem different. On the Solterra, they follow the “C” shape seen on several other models in the lineup, while the BZ4X’s unit forms a light strip that connects the two sides of the vehicle.

In profile, the two vehicles are very similar and they both share black plastic wheel arches, which appear to have a matte finish on the Subaru and a glossy finish on the Toyota, although this effect may be due to the way the photos were taken.

2023 Subaru Solterra (Japan) | Photo: Subaru
2023 Subaru Solterra (Japan) | Photo: Subaru

The interiors are also virtually identical, but the Subaru prototype shows seats covered in a very distinctive orange fabric, which has never been seen on the Toyota, suggesting that it is exclusive to that model.

Mechanically, all the elements are the same, so it will use a 71.4 kWh battery that will allow the Solterra to display a range of 460 to 530 kilometers (286 to 330 miles) according to the WLTP cycle, so these figures should be revised downwards by the EPA.

A possible difference between the Japanese version and the one we will see in North American dealerships later in 2022: The model sold in Japan will be available in either front- or all-wheel drive, whereas it is very likely that only the all-wheel drive version will be sold on our continent to respect the brand’s tradition.

2023 Subaru Solterra (Japan) | Photo: Subaru
2023 Subaru Solterra (Japan) | Photo: Subaru

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