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NewsThe New Mini was Shown Testing in Sweden

The New Mini was Shown Testing in Sweden

Mini released pictures of the next generation Mini 3-door testing in Sweden.

  • The new Mini will arrive in 2023 with a choice of gasoline or electric power

  • A picture with the previous models shows it will be bigger than the current Mini

  • Inside, the center screen will incorporate most of the controls

Mini is preparing a new generation of its iconic 3-door model which has been shown testing in Sweden in a series of pictures released by the automaker.

The tests are conducted at BMW’s cold weather testing facility in the Swedish Lapland in order to fine tune the chassis and the steering system before reaching the stage of series production, which should begin in 18 months.

Very few details have been released about the new generation, so we don’t know the specifics of the gasoline or the electric powertrain. The range for the electric model is also unknown, but the new Mini will reportedly have larger dimensions, with a wider track and a longer wheelbase.

2023 Mini EV with the previous generations | Photo: Mini

These changes are apparent in a picture that shows all of the generations of the Mini, including the classic model, all parked next to one another. The Mini has grown in size for every generation since the BMW developed model was introduced back in 2002 and the new one will continue this trend.

Enthusiasts are worried this will affect the sporting qualities of the Mini, but the automaker claims that the acclaimed “Go-Kart feel” will still be present in the new generation.

In addition, Autocar had the opportunity to go for a ride in one of the prototypes and reports that the suspension is less bouncy and the noise level has been reduced, which will make the new Mini more comfortable.

2023 Mini EV testing in Sweden | Photo: Mini

The styling of the new Mini will still retain the iconic shape of its predecessors, but it will bring some more modern touches, such as the larger grille opening and the horizontal LED running lights that go through the headlamps. At the rear, the taillamps will abandon their traditional shape to become more angular, forming an inward facing point.

The inside will also be modernised and most of the controls will be integrated into the round center screen. In front of the driver, only a head up display will be installed to show the vehicle’s speed.

This new generation of the Mini is expected to arrive at the end of 2023, with the related 5-door model making its debut later. The brand is also working on two new SUVs, the larger of which will now be big enough to be classified as a compact SUV, like the BMW X1 on which it will be based.


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