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The Next BMW 5 Series and the i5 will be Launched in 2023

BMW will launch the 5 Series and the i5 next year.

  • The 5 Series and the i5 will share the same platform and a very similar design

  • Reportedly, these two sedans will be styled more conservatively than the other new BMW models

  • Both models are intended to be launched next year

BMW has announced it will launch the next generation of the 5 Series and its electric version, the i5, next year.

These two models will be separate despite them sharing the same platform and a similar style in the same way that has been done for the 7 Series and the i7.

This means that BMW will be able to offer a mid-size sedan for buyers of gasoline and electric vehicles without having to develop two entirely different vehicles.

The platform that was used to elaborate the new 5 Series and the i5 is the same CLAR platform already used by a multitude of BMW vehicles, including the current 5 Series, the previous and the new 7 Series, the 4 Series and the i4, the X3, the X5 and the X7.

Since the 5 Series has always been a more serious vehicle than the smaller models in the range, it will reportedly be styled in a more conservative way than the recent models introduced by the automaker, which have proved controversial.

This means that contrary to the M3 and M4 or the 7 Series and i7, the next 5 Series and the i5 should not feature an oversized grille or split-level headlamps.

The grille will incidentally be one of the ways the i5 will differentiate from its combustion engine-counterpart. Indeed, the electric car will feature a closed grille, special bumpers and wheels as well as blue accents seen throughout.

These models will arrive later in 2023 and they will undoubtedly attract even more attention to BMW, who said it had never had more pre-orders than it currently has for the iX and the i4, its first electric vehicles to be introduced to North America in a couple of years.


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