Friday, March 24, 2023
News The Rimac Nevera Reaches 412 km/h (or 258 Miles per Hour)

The Rimac Nevera Reaches 412 km/h (or 258 Miles per Hour)

Rimac now holds the record for the fastest production electric car with the Nevera.

The electric era of the automobile will certainly not stop the human desire to push the limits of speed. In fact, with the potential of this new propulsion alternative, the electric car may even surpass the internal combustion engine in the near future.

The most recent breakthrough in this direction is the Rimac Nevera, the new car from the Croatian firm now associated with none other than Bugatti. Indeed, the car, masterfully piloted by Miro Zrnčević, the official test driver of the exotic brand, managed to drive to a top speed of 412 km/h (258 mph) on the speed ring of the ATP center (for Automotive Testing Papenburg in Germany. To achieve such a speed, the car took advantage of the two long straights of the circuit, each measuring four kilometres.

It is worth mentioning that the car used to reach this record speed has not been modified, except for the speed calculation device provided by this RaceLogic V-Box that uses a GPS signal to calculate the speed. Even the tires, Michelin Cup 2 R, which, despite their connection with motorsport, are suitable for road use.

Rimac Nevera | Photo: Rimac

In “Top Speed” mode, the Rimac Nevera is limited to 352 km/h, already a very impressive speed for a car that runs on the road. On the other hand, the manufacturer confirms that it is possible for the very limited clientele to participate in events organized by Rimac and push the car to its limits, all under the supervision of Rimac support staff of course. It’s not every day that a motorist has the chance to exceed 400 km/h in his “everyday car”.

Getting back to this feat achieved by the Rimac team, it should be remembered that a certain Bugatti Chiron Super Sport still holds the official top speed record, the French hypercar that reached the mind-boggling speed of 490.48 km/h in 2019 at the Volkswagen test center.

For now, the Rimac Nevera sits atop the top speed charts, but other players are also readying their respective cars for the coveted title of fastest electric car on the planet.

Rimac Nevera | Photo: Rimac

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