Monday, January 17, 2022
News The Tesla Roadster Could Have to Wait for a Long Time Still

The Tesla Roadster Could Have to Wait for a Long Time Still

Tesla removed details about the Roadster from its website, which could mean further delays

  • Tesla removed online prices and stopped taking orders for the roadster

  • Since unveiling in 2017, no new prototypes have been publicly shown

  • The original launch was set for 2020, but it could be postponed until at least 2023

Tesla recently removed all of the pricing information for the Roadster from its website and it stopped taking orders for this new generation of its original product.

Ever since the company stopped making the Lotus derived roadster at the beginning of the last decade, fans have been pushing for a new sports car from the electric only automaker.

In 2017, the company unveiled a roadster prototype that was promised to be on the road by 2020. Multiple delays have pushed this release date back a few years and the removal of the pricing information means that it is unlikely to reach production for a while still.

Despite the many setbacks and the fact that only one prototype was shown in 2017 and very few new information was released since did not deter many people, who put down $50,000 to reserve their own Roadster. The limited Founders Series edition commanded $250,000.

According to some, the pricing was removed because the planned production run has already been fully accounted for, but the company also did something similar with the Cybertruck, which was also delayed a couple of times.

The latest production reschedule made the Roadster the most delayed Tesla product ever and it is not expected to arrive on sale before at least 2023, which means that reservation holders will have to be very patient if they want to receive their own unit of the electric sports car.

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