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NewsToyota Introduces Hydrogen Fuel Cell Prototype of Hilux with 365-Mile Range

Toyota Introduces Hydrogen Fuel Cell Prototype of Hilux with 365-Mile Range

Toyota unveils a Hilux Hydrogen Fuel Cell Prototype, manufactured in Derby, England, with an anticipated range of 365 miles.


·      The prototype is a collaboration supported by UK government funding and uses parts from the Toyota Mirai.

·      Toyota plans to create 10 such prototypes for comprehensive testing, ensuring they meet the Hilux’s renowned durability standards.

·      In 2022, Toyota had showcased the electric Hilux Revo BEV Concept and expressed interest in hydrogen fuel cell light-duty pickups.


Toyota has unveiled a prototype of the Hilux powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, showcasing the automaker’s commitment to exploring alternative energy sources for its vehicles. This project, created in collaboration with consortium partners and supported by UK government funding, represents a significant step in Toyota’s quest to assess the feasibility and functionality of hydrogen-powered pickups.

Toyota Hilux Hydrogen | Photo : Toyota

The Hilux Hydrogen Fuel Cell Prototype derives its powertrain from Toyota’s Mirai, offering an estimated range of 365 miles between hydrogen refills. While this range is impressive, it is essential to note that this prototype aims to evaluate the capabilities of hydrogen fuel cell technology rather than compete directly with combustion engine models.

Toyota Hilux Hydrogen | Photo : Toyota

Images of the prototype reveal the integration of hydrogen tanks, strategically placed between the frame rails, where the cabin typically resides. Meanwhile, other essential fuel cell components are situated under the hood, while the battery occupies the rear of the vehicle.

Toyota Hilux Hydrogen | Photo : Toyota

Toyota embarked on this project in early 2022, initiating design and development in July of that year. Construction of the first prototype commenced a year later, in June 2023, signifying the automaker’s dedication to exploring the possibilities of hydrogen as a clean energy source for pickups.

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The next phase of this project involves extensive testing, including evaluations of safety performance, functionality, and durability. Toyota aims to gain a comprehensive understanding of the potential benefits and challenges associated with fuel-cell-powered pickups through this testing phase.

Toyota Hilux Hydrogen | Photo : Toyota

While Toyota is actively pursuing clean energy solutions, such as electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cells, there are no specific production plans mentioned in this context. However, this prototype represents an important step forward in Toyota’s commitment to environmental sustainability and its exploration of various technologies to achieve a greener, more sustainable automotive future.


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