Sunday, August 14, 2022
News Toyota is Offering Solutions to Recalled BZ4X Owners

Toyota is Offering Solutions to Recalled BZ4X Owners

Toyota will offer various solutions to owners of the recalled BZ4X.

  • The BZ4X has been recalled since its wheels can fall off

  • Owners cannot drive the vehicle and Toyota still doesn’t have a fix

  • The automaker will provide a loaner vehicle or offer to buy back the EV

The launch of Toyota’s first global electric vehicle is not going to plan and the company now has to offer solutions to disgruntled owners.

A few weeks ago, Toyota launched a recall for the BZ4X due to a risk of the wheels falling off while driving. This is obviously very dangerous, which is why the automaker asked owners not to drive their vehicles until a fix has been implemented.

The bigger problem is that since then, Toyota has been unable to find the reason why the wheel nuts loosen by themselves, and thus a solution still hasn’t been developed.

“We are aware of the recall involving the bZ4X in other markets. We have not yet delivered any to our Canadian dealers and will not release any in our market until the investigation is completed and a remedy is in place”, Toyota Canada told us through email.

Many owners of the EV are beginning to be annoyed with the brand and for cause since they are currently making payments on a car that has to sit in their driveway for an undetermined amount of time.

In order to appease them, Toyota has come up with a number of different solutions. First of which is that it will offer to buy back the vehicles. This will allow owners that have been turned off of the BZ4x by this incident to start over fresh.

For owners who still want to have their Toyota EV, the company will arrange for the vehicles to be picked up and stored by Toyota dealers for free until they have been fixed.

In the meantime, the company will provide a free loaner vehicle to every owner and it will pay for their fuel for the whole time their BZ4X is away.

In addition, owners who have already paid their vehicle in full will receive a $5,000 credit to help pay back their loan. Since the vehicles might be incapacitated for a few months, Toyota decided to lengthen the factory warranty coverage, and the complimentary fast charging agreement with EVgo will be extended until December 31st, 2024.

Since the Subaru Solterra is a clone of the BZ4X, it is facing the same problem but Subaru has not yet announced measures to help owners of its first EV.

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