Saturday, May 21, 2022
News Toyota Teases New Tundra Moonroof, Return of Rolling Rear Glass

Toyota Teases New Tundra Moonroof, Return of Rolling Rear Glass

Open air Tundra coming

  • Next Tundra will get larger roof, keeps one of its classic features

  • Full reveal expected in the fall

Toyota is teasing the 2022 Tundra once again. This time they’re showing you moonroof, lots of moonroof, under starry skies above. And it’s all trying to fence you into the all-new Tundra pickup.

While the current Toyota Tundra has a standard-sized sunroof, this teaser of the 2022 Toyota Tundra has an absolutely massive panoramic roof. This new roof, which opens and slides back a panel that is nearly half of the glass surface, and looks like it will be one of the biggest glass roofs in the class. It might even be the largest.

There’s another classic Tundra feature that’s easy to miss if you’re staring at those twinkling stars. The power-opening rear windshield, long one of the Tundra’s most popular features, will be found on the 2022 version of the truck. With the windows down, the roof open, and even the back glass dropped, this might be the breeziest pickup on the market since the introduction of the Jeep Gladiator.

Other features we can see in the new truck are what appear to be speakers located above the driver and front passenger, sitting just beside what we think are the microphones for hands-free calling and voice response control. There appears to be a microphone in the rear headliner as well, which could let rear passengers in on the action.

Lastly, check out those red seatbelts that go along with the red leather seating of the interior. That’s a pretty cool accent, and would be new for the latest Tundra as well.

The full reveal of the truck is set for this fall.


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