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NewsToyota will Unveil the Crown SUV for the North American Market on...

Toyota will Unveil the Crown SUV for the North American Market on November 14

Toyota will unveil an SUV version of the Crown for the North American market on November 14.

  • This model will join the Crown sedan as a premium crossover model.

  • We know one of the powertrains offered will be a traditional hybrid system.

  • It appears to be heavily based on the Crown Estate Concept that was unveiled in Japan back in 2022.

Toyota has released a new teaser for the North American version of the Crown SUV, a new premium crossover that will be officially launched on November 14 at the L.A. Auto Show.

From what we can see in this new image as well as a previous teaser shown a few weeks ago, this model is likely to be very similar to the Crown Estate Concept shown in Japan back in July 2022.

This means that the upcoming Crown SUV, which is likely to launch in Canada early in 2024, could place just below the Highlander and slightly above the Venza in terms of size.

Speaking of the Venza, it seems that the new Crown SUV will be quite similar in concept since both are five-passenger mid-size hybrid SUVs. Toyota has not said anything about this, but it would not be too surprising if the company chooses to discontinue the Venza if the Crown SUV is successful.

2024 Toyota Crown SUV | Photo: Toyota

Of course, the new model is likely to be more expensive than the Venza since it will be a counterpart to the existing Crown sedan which succeeded the Avalon, placing it at the top of the automaker’s lineup in North America, with the exception of the upcoming Land Cruiser.

In terms of design, the rear end will feature a full-width lightbar that recalls some of the newer designs from Toyota such as the Grand Highlander, while the front end of the concept shows a closer resemblance to the Crown sedan and the new Prius.

The interior of the Crown Estate Concept is also similar to the Crown sedan, which means the production version is likely to feature the same overall dashboard theme, with two 12.3-inch screens set into a single panel at the base of the windshield.

2024 Toyota Crown Estate Concept | Photo: Toyota

While few details are known at the moment, there are some clues about what we will find under the hood of the Crown SUV. Indeed, one of the images posted by Toyota shows a badge that reads “HEV AWD”.

Considering that the entry-level Crown Limited sedan features the same badge, it seems likely that the SUV will benefit from the same powertrain, which combines a 2.5L four-cylinder engine and two electric motors in order to deliver 236 horsepower to the four wheels via an on-demand AWD system.

2024 Toyota Crown Estate Concept | Photo: Toyota

There is a good chance that the HybridMAX system found in the Crown Platinum will also make it over to the SUV variant, bringing an output of 340 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque thanks to a turbocharged 2.4L engine and two larger electric motors. Another difference between the HybridMAX system and the standard powertrain is that the more powerful option features a full-time AWD system and a traditional 6-speed automatic transmission in place of the CVT.

More details will be available in a week, once Toyota officially launches the North American version of the 2024 Crown SUV just ahead of the Los Angeles Auto Show.

2024 Toyota Crown Estate Concept | Photo: Toyota


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