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NewsTrailer Capable of Charging EVs to be Available Next Year

Trailer Capable of Charging EVs to be Available Next Year

Heading far off the grid in an EV will be very possible with this EV-charging trailer

  • The company that makes them is called Colorado Teardrops.

  • They already have hundreds of pre-orders.

  • Called the Boulder, it will house a 75 kWh battery pack.

Starting next summer, EV drivers will be able to travel further and deeper into the wilderness thanks to a portable battery. Colorado Teardrops will design, build, and sell a teardrop-shaped trailer that will hold its own batteries that will be capable of recharging an EV.

The Boulder trailer will double as a small camper too. It will feature an insulated cabin sized five by 10 feet which can be converted into a queen-size bed, two bunk beds, and storage for plenty of gear.

The key to the Boulder is that its floor houses a 75 kWh battery pack that can easily hook up to the towing EV to recharge its batteries to their pre-towing state or better.

Colorado Teardrops marketing director Joshua Robinson, as reported by Automotive News, notes that towing for an EV is an issue as range can drop by as much as 50%. Thanks to the Boulder, range is no longer an issue.

The first deliveries are planned for summer 2022. Pricing starts at $55,000 before rebates.


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