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News Updated Tesla Model S Gets New Powertrain And Unique Steering Wheel

Updated Tesla Model S Gets New Powertrain And Unique Steering Wheel

Tesla’s updated Model S goes upscale with extra tech and Plaid+ is a thing

  • The most noticeable changes to the Model S are indoors.

  • The central display is now horizontal.

  • The steering wheel, or steering yoke according to Tesla, is right out of K.I.T.T.

The Tesla Model S’ has gone relatively unchanged in nearly a decade but being the only large luxury electric sedan ensured that it would sell. With competition now flooding in, Tesla has finally updated the flagship Model S with expected and unexpected upgrades.

2021 Tesla Model S | Photo: Tesla

From the outside, the changes are subtle. The front-end is different and chrome is now nowhere to be seen. On the inside, the story is a little different. The large centre-display, which was once vertical, now sits horizontally and measures an impressive 17 inches across. A 12.3-inch digital instrument panel is positioned behind the insane “steering yoke”. And finally, rear passengers get a central 8-inch display as well.

2021 Tesla Model S | Photo: Tesla

Another new feature is a glass roof but what’s really important is that trims have evolved. The Model S Long Range dual-motor enables 412 miles (663km) of range and will hit 60mph in 3.1 seconds, or 100km/h in 3.2 seconds. In the US, it is priced from $72,990 while in Canada, it starts at $114,990.

The old Performance trim is now Plaid and offers a tri-motor setup. Range drops to 390 miles (628km) but performance takes a leap. With 1,020 horsepower, the 0-60mph sprint flies by in 1.99 seconds. To 100km/h, the time is 2.1 seconds. Pricing starts at $112,990 in the US, $159,990 in Canada.

2021 Tesla Model S | Photo: Tesla

The new Plaid+ will re-write history. With over 1,100 horsepower, this Model S will have the quickest 0-60 mph (0-100km/h) and 1/4 mile acceleration of any production car ever. Its range is a staggering 520+miles or 840+km. Pricing also jumps to $132,990 in the US or $189,990 in Canada.

The new Tesla Model S is available for order now. For the Long Range and Plaid, deliveries begin in March while the Plaid+ will come in late 2021.

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