Friday, February 3, 2023
News Volvo Unveils Refreshed XC40 Recharge and Single Motor C40 Recharge

Volvo Unveils Refreshed XC40 Recharge and Single Motor C40 Recharge

Volvo unveiled a new look for the XC40 Recharge and a more affordable version of the C40 Recharge, with a longer range

  • The C40 Recharge can now be had with a single motor, with a range of up to 434 km (WLTP)

  • The XC40 Recharge was facelifted to resemble the C40 more closely

  • Both models share their powertrains and their platform

Volvo announced changes to its two electric models, the XC40 Recharge and the C40 Recharge, the first one being modernised and the second being made more affordable.

The automaker decided to facelift the XC40 Recharge to make it look more like the C40 Recharge. This is to modernise the company’s first electric model by giving it the same front end look as its coupe-like version.

The headlamps have been replaced by new pixel LED units which can adapt their lighting pattern to offer the best visibility while limiting glare for other drivers and the front bumper now features a more sculpted look. Inside, a leather-free upholstery option made from recycled materials is now offered, similar to the one used in the C40.

Volvo C40 Recharge | photo: Volvo
Volvo C40 Recharge | photo: Volvo

The other news is the addition of a new version to the C40 Recharge model lineup. A more affordable single motor version will arrive shortly with more range than any other Volvo EV before.

This model will be front-wheel drive only, but it will be able to provide a range of up to 434 kilometers according to the WLTP testing cycle, which is about 70 kilometers more than the dual motor version.

The power figures have not been announced yet, but since this model shares its platform and mechanical components with the Polestar 2, it should deliver the same output of 231 horsepower and 243 lb-ft of torque as the Long-Range Single motor version of this model.

The 69-kWh battery pack will be capable of charging from 10 to 80% in about 32 minutes on a level 3 fast charger.

In addition to these changes, Volvo will modify its online ordering platform in order to make the buying process easier and more transparent by offering a choice of pre-selected variants.

Volvo XC40 Recharge Twin | Photo: Volvo
Volvo XC40 Recharge Twin | Photo: Volvo

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