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Reviews 2022 Volvo V90 Cross Country B6 Review: Elite Wagon Transportation

2022 Volvo V90 Cross Country B6 Review: Elite Wagon Transportation

Volvo’s set aside some functionality in the name of styling with the V90 and I’m willing to forgive

  • The Volvo V90 is priced from $65,950 in Canada and $56,200 in the US.

  • The V90 wagon has made a comeback after a two-year hiatus.

  • For 2022, the V90 is only available with an MHEV powertrain.

Stop me if you’ve read or heard this before but I love the Volvo brand. In my limited headspace, Volvo is premium but not overtly so like the German brands. Essentially, you get all the luxury and craftsmanship without the snootiness. I’ve also always loved Volvo for their station wagons.

2022 Volvo V90 Cross Country B6 | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

It’s a stylish station wagon

All long-roof Volvos have, until recently, been about the job of hauling. Maximum attention was paid to room, cargo capacity, and utility. This explains in large part why all Volvo estates, into the late 2000s, were considered bricks. The market is obsessed with SUVs emboldened Volvo to switch up its signature shape.

The results of this venture are two-fold. One, the V90 is sublime. For one, the gently rearward sloping roofline and intensely raked hatch deliver a more “Sportback” style to the wagon which I’ll attest increases the car’s premium-ness. With the 90’s long wheelbase, relatively short overhangs, and subtle Volvo cues, the V90 is quietly elegant. The tester was fitted with 18-inch wheels and winter tires further toning down its design. The standard 19-inch wheels or optional 20-inch units sharpen the look.

2022 Volvo V90 Cross Country B6 | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

For the 2022 model year, the Volvo V90 is only offered in the popular Cross Country guise. The extra cladding and faux protective shields on either end and sides are quite welcomed however the wagon needs taller roof rails.

While there’ll never be any mistaking a Volvo for being what it is thanks to its unique styling elements, you might be confused by the V90’s utility. The downside to the “sportier” rear quarters is a loss of usable trunk volume. In fact, the whole “cab-rearward” concept negatively affects interior volume as a whole.

Tighter interior than expected

2022 Volvo V90 Cross Country B6 | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

Considering that the 2022 Volvo V90 Cross Country is nearly a foot and a half longer than my own Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen, it’s somewhat discouraging to learn that Volvo’s trunk is nearly 20% smaller than that of the Golf. What’s more, accessible passenger volume is scarcely larger than the Golf…

And that concludes the list of mild disappointments I have with the V90. Once on board, the car’s inner beauty shines brightly. The attention to detail, materials, and fit and finish are beyond reproach.

The front seats are especially noteworthy. While in my possession, the family and I traveled to the family cottage. The two-hour trip refreshed mom and dad thanks to the uber comfortable, supportive, and massaging perches.

2022 Volvo V90 Cross Country B6 | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

I lied a few paragraphs above… The Volvo V90 is delivered with Google Built In which mysteriously continues to exclude Apple CarPlay – this is an inexcusable omission in 2022. Otherwise, the standard 9-touchscreen is relatively simple to work out.

Mild-hybrid performance and efficiency

Unlike every other product line at Volvo Canada, the V90 Cross Country (and V60 Cross Country) is the only one not available with plug-in hybrid or all-electric technologies. Oddly, the S90 sedan is only offered with the T8 powertrain (twin-engine PHEV). The V90 can only be delivered with a B6 mild-hybrid powertrain.

2022 Volvo V90 Cross Country B6 | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

Like the T6, it starts out with a twin-charged (turbo- and supercharged) 2.0-litre 4-cylinder to which a motor-generator is fitted. The total combined output is rated a 308 horsepower and 310 lb.-ft. of torque. Despite tipping the scale at roughly 4,225lbs, the V90 Cross Country is swift. With the standard 8-speed automatic transmission, it will launch to 100 km/h in only 6.4 seconds. The B6’s main function is fuel efficiency. Considering the V90’s weight and size, the combined rating of 9.5L/100km is on par with the XC60 T8’s numbers… So much for PHEVs…

On the road, the 2022 Volvo V90 Cross Country B6 behaves like the flagship premium automobile that it is. The fully-independent suspension is complemented by a rear transverse-mounted leaf spring that aids in load carrying and softens the ride quality. Based on past Volvo experiences, the 18-inch wheel/tire combo on the tester helped with driving comfort. Moving up to the 20s (something I would do anyhow) will impact overall smoothness.

Premium wagons

2020 Audi A6 allroad Review: Wagons Are For The Wise

I love the Volvo V90. I’m also a massive sucker for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain estate and would do unsavory things for a new Audi A6 Allroad.

The bottom line here is that all three wagons are unique, elite, exceptional, and ultra-premium. Please avoid the temptation of another SUV and just buy a wagon.

2022 Volvo V90 Cross Country B6 | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

2022 Volvo V90 Cross Country B6 | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

2022 Volvo V90 Cross Country B6 | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

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