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News750 hp Brabus SL Gets Three-Spoke Wheels and We're Here For It

750 hp Brabus SL Gets Three-Spoke Wheels and We’re Here For It

The kind of founder we need more of

  • Brabus founder loves some three-spokes

  • Car celebrates the founder of Brabus

What has 12 spokes and 750 horsepower? It’s the Brabus 750 Bodo Buschmann Edition of the Mercedes-AMG SL 63.

We’ll forgive you if you don’t recognize Bodo Buschmann’s name (we didn’t), but you’ll definitely be well-versed in his work. Buschmann is the founder of Mercedes-Benz tuning firm Brabus, which has been building incredible versions of the company’s cars since 1977.

Brabus says this car is meant to take us back, but not all the way to 1977. It’s back to 1996 when the Mercedes-Benz 600 SL-based Brabus 7.3S took to the Autobahn for the first time. Buschmann was behind the wheel and he left the car’s hood at the shop to help create the cool shot that has been replicated today.

Our favourite part of the Brabus 750 Bodo Buschmann Edition is its 12 spokes. Four three-spoke wheels (in 21 and 22-inch sizes) that are inspired by the 1980s. They’re forged and finished with a Shadow Chrome polish. They’re retro-awesome and they show off the car’s new carbon ceramic braking system.

Under the (missing) hood, Brabus has tuned up the 4.0L twin-turbo V8 to 750 horsepower. That’s enough to get it to 100 km/h in 3.3 seconds and the car is limited to 315 km/h flat out. It has an active exhaust system that lets the driver crank that on the way home or make the car near-silent if they want to get along with their neighbours.

The cabin of this series, limited to just 25, is tweaked as well. It’s all black with Brabus leather and floor mats as well as special quilting and embossed 77 logos. If it isn’t black leather, it is probably carbon fibre.

Pricing starts from €336,500, and somehow that feels like a deal.


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