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Toyota’s Ambitious Plan for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Production in North America and Beyond

Toyota advances in hydrogen fuel cell technology with U.S. production and next-generation systems planned for 2026.   ·      Toyota to begin U.S. production of hydrogen fuel cell drivetrains in December. ·      Next-generation...
Walmart V8 Coyote Engine | Photo : Walmart

Walmart Will Sell You a Ford V8 Coyote Engine

Welcome to the Brave New World of shopping, where you can grab a gallon of milk, a tub of laundry detergent, and oh, a Ford V8 Mustang Engine, all...
Aston Martin Valour | Photo : Aston Martin

Aston Martin Valour: Embracing Tradition and Performance

Aston Martin's Valour, an ultra-exclusive V12-engined sports car, blends classic appeal with modern execution for only 110 lucky clients.   •      Aston Martin unveils Valour, an exclusive V12-engined, manual transmission special...
Acura Bang & Olufsen | Photo : Acura

Acura to ditch ELS sounds systems in favor of Bang & Olufsen

Acura partners with Bang & Olufsen to deliver elevated in-vehicle audio across their lineup, starting with the 2024 Acura ZDX.   ·      Acura and Bang & Olufsen collaborate to bring premium...
Porsche Apple CarPlay | Photo : Porsche

Revving Up the In-car Experience: Porsche Further Integrates CarPlay in its Cayenne

Porsche enhances in-car experience, further integrating Apple CarPlay in its operating system, first debuting in the new Cayenne.   ·      Porsche further integrates 'My Porsche App' with Apple CarPlay. ·      The updated...
Bc Hydro Chargers | Photo : BC Hydro

BC Hydro to convert to NACS: Will Quebec’s Circuit Électrique follow suit?

BC Hydro confirmed in late June that it its charging network would transition to NACS chargers, further cementing Tesla’s connector in the lead position.     ·      BC Hydro’s charging network will...
GMC Hummer EV & Chevrolet Corvette C1 EV | Photo: Forza

An electric C1 Corvette and Hummer EV will be featured in the Barbie movie

The upcoming Barbie movie will feature an all-electric Corvette C1 and a Hummer EV. According to the popular Forza Horizon 5 game, both will be bad*ss!   ·      An all-electric Corvette...
Mercedes-Benz Tesla | Photo: Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz will adopt NACS (Tesla’s) EV ports

Mercedes-Benz will start using Tesla superchargers in 2024 through adapters, and official NACS ports will come in 2025. ·      Mercedes-Benz will adopt NACS EV ports ·      Tesla superchargers will thus accommodate...
Audi Prinz EP4 EV | Audi

Audi revives the NSU Prinz 4 as an EV

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of its Neckarsulm manufacturing plant, Audi revives the 1961 NSU Prinz 4 as a wild EV. ·      Audi celebrates the 150th anniversary of its Neckarsulm...