Friday, September 29, 2023
News Bugatti Teases Something New, Hidden Under a Clever Cloth

Bugatti Teases Something New, Hidden Under a Clever Cloth

  • One-off Bugatti possibly headed to auction

  • Will this be the brand’s most exclusive offering? Or its most attainable one

Bugatti is teasing something extra special that it plans to sell off later this week. A model that it designed but never made it to production, even for its well-heeled customers.

The teaser shows a car under a cloth covering. We’d call it a tarp, but this is a Bugatti so it’s probably hand-stitched silk or some super fabric we’ve never heard of before that’s even more luxurious.

Bugatti’s post says simply “An automotive solitaire that never hit production.” Clearly a one-off jewel from the folks at Molsheim.

While that fancy cover hides the details, the C-shape greenhouse that is the trademark of the Chiron is tough to miss, along with the rear arch. But the tail looks different, with some sort of spoiler or possibly a wing hiding underneath. No, the usual image manipulation tricks didn’t reveal any extra visual details.

The rest of the post has the date, December 21st, and a time, 10 AM CET, or around 4 AM Eastern. High-end auction house RM Sotheby’s is tagged in the post, so if we were placing bets we’d say that an auction for this one-off will start tomorrow morning. With a massive price tag.

At least we’ll get to see it, once Bugatti and RM Sotheby’s starts the sale tomorrow, assuming that’s the plan. If the car is bound for auction, it could make this the most accessible one-off the company has ever built. Not because it will be affordable, by any stretch of the word, but because it will go to the highest bidder. Instead of someone who commissioned it ahead of time.


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