Friday, May 20, 2022
News Dodge Viper Rendering Keeps Classic Design With Small Modern Touches

Dodge Viper Rendering Keeps Classic Design With Small Modern Touches

A reimagined American performance icon keeps its original design

  • Dodge Viper rendering by TheSketchMonkey keeps distinctive design with updated taillights

The Dodge Viper is maybe the most recognizable car ever designed, or certainly it’s part of that group.

Even when Dodge redesigned the Viper for the final fifth generation in 2013, they kept the overall shape that made the American car so recognizable over the years.

Now, TheSketchMonkey is at it again with his take on a reimagined Dodge Viper GTS. We owe him a stunning Volvo 240 rendering and a reimagined Chevrolet Monte Carlo, among many other renderings he has completed.

If you’re thinking not much has changed on this particular Dodge Viper rendering, well you’re right. The side sills have been redesigned, the lines on the side panels are sharper and the creases are deeper, and there are some sleek headlights.

That’s really all there is, but if Dodge was to bring back the Viper one day, we’re hoping they will stick to the past. Some designs are so special, they have to remain true to their roots even as they evolve.

This particular iteration is inspired by the second-generation Viper built from 1996 to 2002. Its retro design would work in today’s market where cues to the past are numerous.

Moreover, reviving fallen nameplates is turning into a trend. A new Viper would fit perfectly in a sea of new Broncos, Blazers, and Supras.

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