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NewsElectric Ford F-150 Spotted Driving About Quietly

Electric Ford F-150 Spotted Driving About Quietly

The race to electrification is full on and whoever lands a full-size and semi-affordable fully electric pick-up wins. Ford and its F-150 have no intention to lose.

This is possibly the best use of camouflage on a car ever. If this 100% electric Ford F-150 had not been decked out in swirly camo, no one would have noticed it drive by. But now that they’ve got our attention, let’s look into it.

At first, this Ford F-150 SuperCrew looks like millions of others on the road however depending on the angle at which it is contemplated, we see signs that’s it’s slightly “off”.

Of the visible indicators, the mildly raised ride-height and what seems like a larger gap between the cab and the running boards somewhat pops out. As the batteries will be fitted below the cab, the increase in height is understandable.

Another sign is that, upon closer inspection, we note that the tailpipe is not actually connected to anything but looks standard, Once back here, this Ford F-150 EV test mule reveals its independent rear suspension.

Although this is once again but a running test bench, we think Ford will want to keep the electric F-150 looking like an F-150. The nicely hidden and integrated charge panel door on the front bumper more or less confirms this.

No details or specs are yet available but we think that the electric Ford F-150 can’t be too far away, especially when Rivian’s very hard at work building their own EV pickup.

Ford F-150 Electric Pictures

Ford F-150 EV Spy Shots
Ford F-150 EV Spy Shot
Ford F-150 EV Spy Shots
Ford F-150 EV Spy Shot


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