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News Five New Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport Concepts Debut

Five New Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport Concepts Debut

Concepts make use of 200 factory-backed accessories to create even more unique Broncos

  • Concepts based on Badlands and Outer Banks Bronco models

  • Bronco Off-Rodeo announced

As if the all new Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport weren’t making enough waves in the car world these days (over 165,000 have already been reserved at time of writing), Ford has gone and released five new “adventure concepts” to further push the envelope of what the new Bronco can be.

Indeed, when they did announce the new truck, they were very quick to mention that there were already over 200 factory-backed aftermarket parts that will be made available as soon as the truck was.

What follows is a list is what combining those parts might achieve for the Bronco platform.

Bronco Four-Door Outer Banks Fishing Guide

All-New Ford Bronco Adventure Concepts | Photo: Ford

This one starts life as a Bronco Outer Banks trim (so named for the popular surfing spot in North Carolina), transition to Fishing Guide adds a soft top, Yakima roof rack and most notably a set of four fishing rod mounts taking the spot on the hood normally reserved for the Bronco’s optional trail lights. It also here that you can attach a chair on which to sit as you wait for your next big catch. There’s no mention of a beer holder, but I’m sure a cupholder option can be made available. Essentially, the Fishing Guide is designed to work for just that: helping professional fishing guides to their jobs.

Bronco Two-Door Trail Rig

All-New Ford Bronco Adventure Concepts | Photo: Ford

Using a Bronco Bandlands trim as a jumping-off point, this bad boy is custom-built for all your trail riding needs. Big bumpers, tube-style doors and beadlock-ready wheels are your most obvious additions (as well as the big LED light bar from Rigid), and the Trail Rig also shares that Yakima roof rack the Fishing Guide gets. Unlike the Fishing Guide, though, that roof rack comes equipped with a shovel mount, and Warn recovery kit and boards. Be aware, though: if you have one of these, you may find yourself suddenly having many new off-roading friends because the Trail Rig also gets a Warn winch and every off-roader wants a buddy with a winch.

Bronco Sport Trail Rig

All-New Ford Bronco Adventure Concepts | Photo: Ford

The “Trail Rig-ness” doesn’t stop there; the Two-Door’s Sport little sibling also gets a Trail Rig conversion of its own. Also based on a Badlands trim, the Sport Trail Rig (let’s do “TR” from now on) gets bigger BF Goodrich KM3 omud/terrain tires, a one-inch lift and a Rigid light bar, but mounted to the front nudge bar as opposed to the roof. The Yakima rack the Sport TR gets, meanwhile, is designed to hold custom-fitted jerry cans and recovery kit and boards.

Bronco Sport TOW RZR

All-New Ford Bronco Adventure Concepts | Photo: Ford

Not quite as hardcore has its TR twin, the Badlands-based TOW RZR gets special tow accessories such as Yakima HD crossbars, rood basket and a class II tow package. That last addition allows for 2,200 lbs. of towing capacity, embodied here by an all-new RZR XP Turbo side-by-side vehicle. That was actually announced as part of the Bronco’s 55th birthday celebrations happening throughout 2020.

Bronco Sport Off-Rodeo Adventure Patrol

All-New Ford Bronco Adventure Concepts | Photo: Ford

If you are one of the lucky folks to get their hands on some of the first Badlands Broncos, you could also be granted access to any of the number of “Off-Rodeo” locations where you can explore the capabilities of your Bronco in a more controlled environment. Think of them as a training ground on how to get the most out of your Bronco.

Attend one of those events, and you may find yourself in contact with one of these: the Sport Off-Rodeo Adventure Patrol. This version of the Sport is designed to get you out of trouble if need be, thanks to a Yakima LockNLoad cargo platform, a high-lift jack, recovery boards and jerry cans. It’s also the only one of these that get one of the much-ballyhooed Yakima bike rack, as well as one of the most unique accessories: a drone landing sport for drones that will be recording the adventures of Off-Rodeo participants.

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