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NewsFord's Electric Explorer Launch Deferred to Summer 2024

Ford’s Electric Explorer Launch Deferred to Summer 2024

Ford has chosen to postpone the introduction of its electric Explorer SUV until the upcoming summer season due to newly implemented worldwide safety regulations concerning the vehicle’s powertrain.


  • Ford delays electric Explorer launch by approximately six months.

  • The electric Explorer is based on Volkswagen’s MEB platform and is aimed at rejuvenating Ford’s brand in Europe.

  • Ford’s Cologne EV facility in Germany will manufacture the electric Explorer.


In a recent announcement, Ford has opted to delay the release of its much-anticipated all-electric Explorer SUV by an estimated six months. This decision, which was conveyed to the workforce at Ford’s Cologne facility, arises from the company’s compliance with updated international safety norms for the SUV’s powertrain.

Electric Ford Explorer | Photo: Ford

The electric Explorer draws its foundation from Volkswagen’s MEB platform, the same foundation used for the ID.4 model. The collaborative effort between Ford and VW aimed to rejuvenate Ford’s brand in Europe by leveraging synergies and innovation in the electric vehicle space. The electric Explorer’s unique selling point lies in its fusion of German engineering finesse with distinctive American design elements.

Electric Ford Explorer | Photo: Ford

Crafted as a mid-size electric crossover tailored for family-oriented adventurers, the Explorer offers around 470 liters of storage space, a comprehensive connected infotainment system, a personal storage compartment, and an impressive fast-charging capability that replenishes the battery from 10% to 80% within approximately 25 minutes.

Electric Ford Explorer | Photo: Ford

The original timeline envisioned production initiation following the plant’s reopening; however, this has now been extended, with sales initially anticipated to kick off in early 2024. The new set of safety protocols affecting the powertrain’s design and performance were a decisive factor in this delay. While explicit details about these regulations have not been disclosed, Ford is committed to aligning its vehicles with these global benchmarks before their market release.

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For prospective buyers eager to explore the electric Explorer, the revised launch timeline translates to an eagerly anticipated 2024 summer debut. The starting price for the electric Explorer is set at 45,000 euros ($66,500).

Electric Ford Explorer | Photo: Ford

Ford’s ongoing partnership with Volkswagen in Europe underscores a commitment to advancing innovation. With plans to acquire 1.2 million platforms over the next six years, this collaboration affirms a shared vision to navigate and lead the transformative landscape of electric vehicles.


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