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NewsGM May End Chevrolet Bolt in the Near Future

GM May End Chevrolet Bolt in the Near Future

The troubled Chevrolet Bolt has only a few months left of production

  • The Orion Township facility where it is assembled will be updated to build something else.

  • There are no plans to shift production to another plant.

  • The Chevy Bolt’s had a rough time over the last few months.

The Chevrolet Bolt started off with a bang. When it launched in late 2016, it instantly became the EV to beat. It offered massive range, good power, and was, at the time, reasonably affordable. But now, it seems as though its future is bleak and quite possibly, GM’s first EV does not have a future to speak of.

Chevrolet Bolt Production on Hold Into February

By late 2018, GM exhausted its EV tax credit advantage but that did little to dissuade EV buyers. Issues with the car’s battery were developing which eventually prompted a number of recalls. Eventually, production at the Orion Township facility was idled. Although Bolt production is slated to resume, GM has other plans for this plant.

This same plant will be on the receiving end of billions of GM’s dollars and will eventually become the automaker’s second electric pickup truck factory where the upcoming Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra EVs will be built. According to CNET, while the plant will be retooled and updated, Bolt production will continue.

The Chevrolet Silverado EV RST First Edition Sold Out in 12 minutes

GM intends for Orion to begin churning out electric trucks by 2024 with no alternative plans for the Bolt. It’s highly possible that the Bolt’s time is up. Essentially, its technology is older and has served its purpose. The fact that its name has been sullied through much of 2021 has probably sealed its eventual fate too.


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