Saturday, December 3, 2022
News In Person Geneva Auto Show Returns for 2022

In Person Geneva Auto Show Returns for 2022

Cars on the carpet

  • Show moves to February, mix digital and in-person experiences

  • 91st edition of one of the wildest auto shows

The organisers of the Geneva International Motor Show have just announced that they are planning to host visitors at a revamped version of the show next February. A mix of virtual and in-person will be part of the mix, but organisers are expecting to have actual people able to visit the auto show.

The Geneva motor show was one of the first major events cancelled at the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic in March of last year. Normally more than 600,000 people would attend the show, and automakers scrambled to move their reveals to a digital format.

Press days for the return of the show are set for February 17 and 18, with the event open to the public from February 19-27. Exhibitors have until mid-July to register for this, the 91st edition of the auto show.

“My team and I can hardly wait to present our concept to the exhibitors and subsequently to the public. We really hope that the health situation and the corresponding policy regulations regarding Covid 19 will allow us to bring it to life,” said show CEO Sandro Mesquita.

Automotive News Europe spoke with Mesquita, who said that “we already know our show will be a kind of hybrid show,” he said. “Digital is important and will play a role in our show, however, physical contact is something that is also important, and our exhibitors are looking for that.”


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