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NewsJim Farley: sedan and other types of Mustangs considered

Jim Farley: sedan and other types of Mustangs considered

  • A Mustang-branded SUV is not a possibility.

  • Other variants of the ponycar are considered.


Is the North American market ready for more variants of the legendary ponycar? And we’re not talking about bringing back famous badges from the model’s past. No, Ford is currently juggling with the idea of offering other body styles for its only car still in contention on the continent.

Ford Mustang sedan proposal 1963 | Photo: Ford

At least, that’s what was revealed in an interview between the British magazine Autocar and Ford’s CEO, Jim Farley, who was quick to remind readers that the Mustang was by far the best-selling coupe on the planet, and that the model was backed by an impressive number of fans.

Ford Mustang wagon proposal 1966 | Photo: Ford

What he revealed next was rather surprising. Indeed, Ford’s top man indicated that other body styles would be accepted by his horde of unconditional fans only if these new variants had the performance and attitude of the existing models.

Ford Mustang wagon proposal 1966 | Photo: Ford

On this subject, he also indicated that a Mustang SUV would never be considered, although one might have reservations on this point, since Ford already markets the Mustang Mach-E. But then, in the executive’s defense, this crossover is electric. On the other hand, he added that a “four-door or other” would be considered for the model’s future. A sedan already sounds like a good idea, but perhaps a wagon version could also bridge the gap between the utility of a crossover and the sportiness of a car? The question is worth asking.

Farley also confirmed that a 100% electric Mustang was not in the pipeline. But, just like Porsche with its iconic 911, Ford would consider broadening its portfolio by offering more powerful variants and others that are more affordable. To this end, Ford engineers are already working on additional weight savings, which would make it possible to integrate smaller or more fuel-efficient powertrains.

Hybrid technology is on the drawing board for the future of the Mustang, whatever form it takes. The fate of the V8, meanwhile, will be left in the hands of governments, with the CEO insisting on its presence under the car’s hood for as long as possible.


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