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NewsKia's new EV5 revealed in production form

Kia’s new EV5 revealed in production form

  • For now, this new EV is bound for China only.

  • The global model should in theory join the North American market eventually.

  • The new EV5 looks a lot like the new EV9.


The withdrawal of the Kia Soul EV in 2024 may very well herald the arrival of another EV from the Korean division. After the Kia EV6 and the Kia EV9, due to arrive very soon, this may be what’s in store for consumers of compact crossovers.

The production Kia EV5 has just been unveiled at the Chengdu Auto Show in China. And since the North American continent is crazy about compact SUVs, Kia’s EV5 could well be the next electric model to be added to the local line-up. For the moment at least, the new model is an exclusively Chinese affair.

Kia EV5 | Photo: Kia

The final version is very close to the concept unveiled earlier this year. The silhouette is reminiscent of the more imposing EV9, while the EV5’s distinctive features have been preserved, including the daytime running lights at the front, twinned in the center by this thin strip.

The windows continue to taper towards the rear, and the darkened A-pillars at the front give the impression of a wraparound windscreen. The four-spoke wheel design is new on the other hand. At the rear, the vertical tailgate accentuates this impression of ruggedness, while the LED taillights complete the utilitarian ambience.

Kia EV5 | Photo: Kia

The interior, meanwhile, adopts a formula that has already been used in several vehicles within the Hyundai empire. The vast double-screen extends from the center of the dashboard to behind the steering wheel. The steering wheel has been redesigned, as have the touch-sensitive buttons installed around the central ventilation nozzles.

At the front, the passenger seat extends over the center console. However, the absence of a third seatbelt buckle and center backrest eliminates any possibility of seating a passenger here. What’s more, the smart device charging pad and cup holders make it impossible to seat a third human being in the first row.

Kia EV5 | Photo: Kia

The interior is also highly flexible, with 64 ambience colors available through the lighting system, which can also dose the brightness. We also know that the Kia EV5 will be available with a choice of two upholstery fabrics, plus synthetic leather.

It remains to be seen whether the Kia EV5 will join the North American range by 2025. Kia may announce this at its EV Day in October.


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