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NewsLucid Motors Launches Two New Air Models and Teases the Gravity SUV

Lucid Motors Launches Two New Air Models and Teases the Gravity SUV

Lucid launched the Air Pure and Touring models while also teasing the upcoming Gravity SUV earlier today.

  • The Air Pure and Touring versions will be available to US buyers by the end of 2022.

  • These new versions are more affordable than the other models currently on sale.

  • The Gravity will be the brand’s second model and its first SUV.

It’s been a busy day for Lucid Motors since the company launched two new versions of its Air electric performance sedan and independently teased the upcoming Gravity SUV.

The first announcement concerns the Pure and Touring trim levels that will complete the Air lineup from the bottom, the Pure being the most affordable version of the large sedan, at $87,400 in the United States.

Lucid Air Pure | Photo: Lucid Motors

This was not a surprise since the company had released most of the information about these two vehicles early. Nevertheless, a few more details are now known on that subject.

Indeed, we now know that the entry-level Air Pure will be offered with a 480-horsepower dual-motor all-wheel drive powertrain starting in December for $87,400 in the US, while a rear-wheel drive only model will be available for a lower starting price later on. This RWD version had not been previously announced, perhaps because buyers will have to wait until sometime in 2023 to place their order.

Lucid Air Pure | Photo: Lucid Motors

As is usually the case with electric cars, this rear-wheel drive model is expected to have a longer range than the 410 miles (660 kilometres) that can be driven on a charge by the AWD version. On the other hand, it will also likely take more than the AWD’s time of 3,8 seconds to reach 60 mph (96 km/h) from a stop.

The Touring version is the second version to make its entry to the lineup today, and it is what Lucid calls the “Quintessential Air”. This is to say that this mid-level model will offer a balance of luxury, performance and range once it reaches its first customers later this month.

Lucid Air Touring | Photo: Lucid Motors

This model will feature 620 horsepower and 425 miles (684 kilometres) of range, making it the most efficient Air model in the lineup.

Shortly after this announcement, the California-based company also gave further details about the Gravity SUV, its second model. This upcoming 7-passenger electric SUV has been teased a number of times before, but the automaker has now given us a better look at its exterior.

Lucid Air Touring | Photo: Lucid Motors

From what the pictures show, the Gravity will share much of its styling with the Air, especially at the front. Inside, the SUV will feature a glass roof that will possibly be divided into three sections and its middle-row seats appear to recline quite far back.

Lucid says this model will be “a supercar in disguise” while also providing a large cargo compartment and more range than any other production EV, except the brand’s own Air sedan, which is the current record holder.

More details will be announced about the 2024 Gravity once reservations open in early 2023.

Lucid Gravity | Photo: Lucid Motors
Lucid Gravity | Photo: Lucid Motors
Lucid Gravity | Photo: Lucid Motors


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