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NewsMaybach Targets Ultra-Luxury Realm with Innovative Cars Such as 300SL Revival

Maybach Targets Ultra-Luxury Realm with Innovative Cars Such as 300SL Revival

Maybach, Mercedes’ premium division, is venturing deeper into the ultra-luxury car segment. With a fresh lineup of ‘Myth’ and ‘Legend’ vehicles, they aim to redefine automotive luxury and exclusivity.


  • Maybach eyes bridging the gap with Bentley and Rolls-Royce through its ultra-exclusive car models.

  • The lineup includes “Myth” or “Legend” cars, with options ranging from limited-run vehicles to bespoke one-offs.

  • Maybach’s strategy emphasizes unique design, personalization, and top-tier luxury features.


Maybach, Mercedes’ luxury division, is gearing up to further climb the ladder in the ultra-luxury car segment. Their mission is clear: challenge the dominance of ultra-luxury giants like Bentley and Rolls-Royce. A suite of “Myth” and “Legend” vehicles is in the pipeline, promising an experience that transcends conventional luxury.

Mercedes-Maybach Night Series | Photo: Mercedes-Benz

Currently, Maybach is revered for its premium versions of models like the S-class, EQS SUV, and GLS. However, the brand’s horizon is expanding, with plans to introduce more of its “Myth” or “Legend” variants. These models aren’t just premium; they are the epitome of exclusivity, either being high-priced limited editions or even rarer, custom-made vehicles tailored for affluent collectors.

Mercedes-Maybach Night Series | Photo: Mercedes-Benz

Beyond the already unveiled Mercedes-Maybach S-class and GLS, there’s anticipation around the new Mercedes-Maybach SL. It’s touted to flaunt unparalleled elegance, rivaling even the likes of a Kahn or Mansory conversion. A top company insider shared insights about transforming Maybach into a bespoke super-Mercedes, emphasizing unparalleled personalization, unique body structures, and a body in white crafted to the customer’s exact specifications. Interestingly, BMW’s Alpina is rumoured to be treading a similar path.

Mercedes-Maybach Night Series | Photo: Mercedes-Benz

The “Legend” models, on the other hand, represent the zenith of luxury. With prices that could venture into the seven-figure domain, these vehicles emphasize unparalleled rarity, unmatched performance, and superior craftsmanship. Among the exciting proposals being considered are:

– The rebirth of Gullwing, a sports car infused with W198 300SL DNA.

– The Ultimate SEC-Class, a luxurious four-door coupe.

– Panamericana Cruiser, an all-terrain SUV inspired by the new electric G-wagen.

– AMG EQR Two, an electric successor to the iconic AMG One hypercar.

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Mercedes executives identify luxury with space, privacy, exclusivity, exceptional craftsmanship, and state-of-the-art safety. Add to this the allure of a singular interior and the blend of a relaxed driving experience with the comforts of a living room, and Maybach’s vision becomes clear. As CTO Markus Schäfer aptly puts it, their luxury is about offering unparalleled quality time while on the move.


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