Tuesday, March 21, 2023
News Nissan Shows Off Pole-to-Pole Adventure Ariya EV

Nissan Shows Off Pole-to-Pole Adventure Ariya EV

Massive BFGs on a Nissan EV? Yes please

  • Team driving Ariya EV from pole to pole

  • Journey will take 27,000 km, but plenty of coffee

Nissan has just revealed the vehicle that will be heading from Pole to Pole, covering 27,000 km as it heads from the top to the bottom of the world. No, it’s not a Nissan Patrol or even a Titan or Frontier. This trip will be done by an all-electric Nissan Ariya.

Chris and Julie Ramsey are the couple that have prepared the Ariya for this expedition and that are going to be making the drive. Though the powertrain hasn’t been modified, the two have made some serious changes to the rest of the vehicle.

The biggest difference is a raised suspension to fit 39-inch tires. Along with Nissan’s standard AWD system, the team thinks that’s enough to make sure it can get over any terrain.

Of course there are massive fender flares to fit those tires. The vehicle will have a towable wind turbine and solar panels as well, designed to help charge the battery when they’re far from a wall plug.

Creature comforts inside include a specially integrated espresso machine with enough coffee beans to complete the trip. Hey, you need to pack the essentials.

The expedition sets off in March. Nissan and the Ramseys will let you track the journey as they head south and follow along on the ride.

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