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NewsSubaru Unveiled a Sporty Solterra STI Concept at the Tokyo Auto Show

Subaru Unveiled a Sporty Solterra STI Concept at the Tokyo Auto Show

Subaru showed a sportier version of the Solterra electric SUV that could reach production in the future

  • This concept adds more aggressive styling to the brand’s first electric vehicle

  • No details are known about performance changes, but it should be quicker than the regular model

  • A similar concept from Toyota with the BZ4X means this model could reach production soon

Among the many concepts unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Show this year, Subaru presented the Solterra STI concept, a sporty version of its first electric car that could make it to production.

This concept gives the electric crossover a more aggressive appearance by adding Cherry red touches on the wheels and around the entire perimeter of the vehicle, on the front splitter, the side-skirts and the rear diffuser.

The vibrant red contrasts with the light blue shade the rest of the car is painted in, which makes the aero additions all the more noticeable.

The wheels are the same design used on the regular Solterra but they wear an exclusive gloss black finish with one of the spokes painted in this model’s distinctive red.

Despite Subaru having not released performance figures or technical informations about this concept, increased power from the EV’s twin motors is to be expected judging by the performance tires that are fitted to it.

This means that an eventual production version should be expected to have more power than the 215 horsepower figure currently attributed to the dual motor version, the only on that will be sold in North America.

Styling changes are completed by black side-mirrors and a black roof that finishes with a large spoiler marked with red STI logos on each side, a detail that is reminiscent of the current WRX STI’s rear wing.

The Subaru Solterra shares its platform and most of its design with the Toyota BZ4X, which also spawned a sporty looking concept at the Tokyo show, so the Solterra STI could reach production in the future alongside a more traditional version of Subaru’s first EV.


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