Saturday, April 1, 2023
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Caterham Sets Sales Record Selling 70 Year Old Cars

Company builds several variants of Lotus-derived Seven Ultralight sports cars offer unmatched experience to more drivers Caterham is one of the smallest automakers in the world, building small cars in smaller numbers. But in 2021, the sports car brand hit a record and put...

New Caterham 170 Weighs Less Than 1,000 Pounds

Caterham 170 R
New Caterham 170 is lightest Caterham ever It is powered by a three-cylinder Suzuki engine with 84 horsepower A five-speed manual sends power to the rear wheels Caterham is known for building lightweight performance roadsters with a traditional English open cockpit design. Oddly enough, Caterham is now...

Caterham Looking to EV for Seven, Report Says Due for 2023

Flyweight carmaker knows it needs EVs to live on High tech for car that launched before NASA Caterham, the company that is best known for continuing the iconic Lotus Seven for all these years, is planning an electric model of the car known for...