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NewsNew Caterham 170 Weighs Less Than 1,000 Pounds

New Caterham 170 Weighs Less Than 1,000 Pounds

New Caterham 170 is lightest Caterham ever

It is powered by a three-cylinder Suzuki engine with 84 horsepower

A five-speed manual sends power to the rear wheels

Caterham is known for building lightweight performance roadsters with a traditional English open cockpit design. Oddly enough, Caterham is now owned by VT Holdings, a Japanese investment company that has vowed to keep the company alive and strong.

Enter the new Caterham 170, the successor to the Caterham 160. It is lighter, more powerful, and offered in two trims, the 170 R and the 170 S. The S is the more comfortable version with adjustable leather seats, carpets on the doors and floor, a heating system and a windscreen.

The Caterham 170 R is the sportier of the two, although both will surely get your heart pumping. The 170 R has air deflectors instead of a real windshield, the seats are fixed in place and the steering wheel is from Momo. There’s also an adjustable suspension and a limited-slip differential as well as a carbon fiber instrument panel.

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Powering both versions is a Suzuki three-cylinder with 84 horsepower and 86 pound-feet of torque. That’s the same powertrain as the Caterham 160, but the 170 is lighter at just 947 pounds, making it the lightest and therefore quickest Caterham ever built.

It costs roughly $30,000 in the US when built, but Caterham can also ship you the parts and you can build it yourself.


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