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News What the World’s 15 Top Automotive YouTubers Earn Annually

What the World’s 15 Top Automotive YouTubers Earn Annually

There's money to be made talking about cars on YouTube

  • The top automotive YouTuber earns over a $1 million annually according to study

It seems the automotive world is ripe for the social media influencer, as these folks – from Doug DeMuro to Jay Leno – continue to rake in significant income for their work.

Posts range from a quick Instagram shot (that can earn an influencer tens of thousands of dollars) to video reviews and, in the case of Leno, longer-form videos with celebrity guests.

According to a GoCompare study, the most successful car influencer is Alex Hirschi, better known by her @supercarblondie Instagram handle and YouTube channel.

Of course, with any study like this, the numbers are estimates and probably off. That’s why we didn’t include the numbers, but they are all compiled in the study if you want to learn more. You could say this is more of a testament to a few channels you should definitely be watching.

The list itself is a bit subjective on what actually makes a “car influencer”, so what follows is a list of our favorite 15 picks from the list of 45.

  1. Supercarblondie

Top 15 Automotive YouTubers - Supercarblondie
Top 15 Automotive YouTubers – Supercarblondie

With videos and photos of everything from Lotus 3-Elevens to the crab-crawling Mercedes AVTR concept, Supercarblondie who’s real name is Alex Hirschi towers over the second-highest earner on the list.

  1. Salomondrin

Top 15 Automotive YouTubers
Top 15 Automotive YouTubers – Salomondrin

Italian cars (and some British and German) and luxurious timepieces are the orders of the day for Alejandro Salomon, or Salomondrin.

  1. Chrisfix

Top 15 Automotive YouTubers - ChrisFix
Top 15 Automotive YouTubers – ChrisFix

While you’ll find plenty of posts about ChrisFix’s Hummer H1 on his @chrisfixit channel, this one is more for the do-it-yourself-ers out there with posts about how to fix a brake caliper’s bleeder valve, to the speedo on his Jag. Whatever it is, it’s enough to earn him (at least, we think it’s a him; ChrisFix rarely appears without a crash helmet on – a decent living from his channel.

  1. Richard Rawlings

The first TV personality first, social media influencer second we see come up on the list is Richard Rawlings of the famous Gas Monkey Garage reality show. On his channels, you’ll see piles of muscle cars he and his team has worked on, as well as choppers.

5. Alan Enileev

Top 15 Automotive YouTubers - Alex Enileev
Top 15 Automotive YouTubers – Alex Enileev

Noted for his pics of a car’s keyfob as much as the car itself, Russia’s Alan Enileev rounds out our top five.

  1. Doug Demuro

Top 15 Automotive YouTubers - Doug Demuro
Top 15 Automotive YouTubers – Doug Demuro

Doug DeMuro is the first name on this list that walks the line between car journalist and influencer. His Instagram account is one thing, but its his work on YouTube (and his 3.65 million subscribers there) featuring full-length in-depth car reviews that’s paved the way to making him one of the best channels out there.

6. Jay Leno’s Garage

It’s fitting that the famous talk show hosts comes in just after Doug DeMuro on this list, as the two recently shared the spotlight in one of Jay Leno’s videos featuring the McLaren F1.

7. Adam Lizotte-Zellser

It’s all about drifting for Adam_lz, who not only posts pictures and videos of drift cars but races them, as well.

8. Yiannimize

If Lambos are your thing, then Yianni Charalambous better known as Yiannimize is your guy as he posts pics of a lot of them, with a few Ferraris, Porsches and BMWs thrown in for good measure.

  1. Alex Choi

If you like a bonkers BMW, then Alex Choi is your man as he posts pics of his ultra-bewinged BMW M2 drift car will probably quench your thirst quite nicely. He also has a pretty insane Lamborghini and most of his cars shoot flames.

  1. James Stradman

Fancy yourself a Jeep Gladiator 6×6? Well, it seems The Stradman does as well as he has been working on the project recently, as well as a wild F-150 Raptor and a Lambo Aventador. He also has a thing for purple cars.

  1. TJ Hunt

From fast Fords and Lambos we move to the Toyota Supra, as TJ Hunt’s YouTube channel page is rife with pics of them, including one painted like Brian o-Connor’s famous “10-second car” from The Fast and The Furious.

  1. Lordaleem_official

Not sure how badly this owner of an exotic car dealership needs an “official” tag on his handle, but that doesn’t change the fact that in addition to whatever he makes from his Platinum Executive Travel performance car dealership makes, he’s pulling in decent income from his social media work.

  1. Magnus Walker

For Porsche-philes, Magnus Walker – the Urban Outlaw – is a household name. Don’t let his somewhat raggedy appearance fool you; he’s one of the nicer guys you’ll meet and his collection of steampunky Porsches is reportedly worth about eight million dollars. His social media work is nice passive income.

  1. The Smoking Tire

We round off our list with another presenter-influencer with Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire podcast. He’s also written for Road & Track and has a busy YouTube channel that’s becoming a favorite of ours.

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