Tuesday, February 7, 2023
News Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro Tosses Le Mans, Road Car Rulebooks

Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro Tosses Le Mans, Road Car Rulebooks

AMR Pro is the ultimate Valkyrie

  • Built to be faster than race or road rules allow

  • Powered solely by 1,000 hp 6.5L NA Cossie V12

That hypercar Aston Martin was teasing last week is here. It’s the Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro that takes the car designed to win at Le Mans and makes it even more extreme. Forget about racing series or even road car regulations, this is Aston going all-out in the name of high performance.

The Valkyrie AMR Pro is based on the chassis intended for Le Mans, but it has been lengthened and widened. 266mm longer overall with a 380mm longer wheelbase. Front and rear track widths are up 95 and 115mm respectively.

Aston has used those dimensional changes to help fit a massively upgraded aero kit. The impossible to miss front splitter and rear wing, combined with the F1-style rear fin and new wheel arches work together to provide twice the downforce of the road car, or somewhere around 8,000 lbs.

That will let the AMR Pro hit lateral acceleration of more than 3G. Aston is aiming for a 3:20 lap of the 8.5-mile Circuit de la Sarthe, home to the Le Mans 24, which would be the equal of the fastest lap of the race-winning prototype last year. In short, this is gonna be a beast for a fortunate few.

Gone is the hybrid of the road and race cars. This one uses a modified version of the Cosworth-built 6.5L V12 that makes 1,000 hp. Cutting the hybrid system from the 11,000 rpm NA V12 and adding more carbon fibre bodywork and even suspension components will slash kilos from the car.

To give buyers a place to drive their Valkyrie AMR Pro, Aston Martin will have a series of bespoke track day experiences at tracks around the world. Those events will come with a team of instructors and a VIP dinner as well as exclusive clothing.

Aston is building 40 plus two prototypes. All will be left-hand drive and deliveries are expected to start by the end of the year.


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