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NewsSpeed traps : Ontario Police likes it when users report on Waze

Speed traps : Ontario Police likes it when users report on Waze

  • The O.P.P. likes it when road users marks the speed traps on Waze.

  • This would make the road safer.


These days, motorists can rely on a long list of tools and applications to help them navigate the urban and extra-urban jungle. One of these, also known as the Waze app, available on Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, has made a name for itself thanks to a business model based on user-generated information.

For example, a motorist who spots a traffic jam or pothole or any other obstruction in his or her path can very quickly raise the presence of this obstacle on the app, which records it and makes it available to all other users of the app.

However, it’s the marking of speed traps that has made the Waze application such a household name in the digital automotive world. Indeed, it’s not unreasonable to believe that speed junkies use Waze to foil the usual police speed cameras in their path.

However, identifying these speed traps could prove beneficial in the eyes of the O.P.P. (Ontario Provincial Police). Contrary to popular belief that the police are against this type of application, the O.P.P. prefers that users make use of it – by the way, Waze is no longer the sole application offering this service based on the will of users – to make the road safer and more predictable.

When high speed drivers see these speed trap alerts, they slow down in advance and help make the road safer. With this in mind, Ontario’s police force is hoping to slow motorists down.

According to the O.P.P., this could even save a life, as speeding can occasionally cause chaos on the road and, in some cases, take the life of a road user. By making the road more predictable, there is less sudden braking (when those driving over the speed limit see a police car on the side of the road).

In short, if the Ontario police are anything to go by, the Waze application and its ability to identify “speed traps” on the road is a good thing for the safety of road users.


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