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NewsSubaru has reached an agreement with Tesla concerning the NACS standard

Subaru has reached an agreement with Tesla concerning the NACS standard

  • From 2025, Subaru EVs will be compatible with the NACS standard.

  • The agreement has been reached with Tesla.

  • More than 15,000 charging stations will be added to Subaru owner’s options on the road.


Subaru has just announced that it has reached an agreement with Tesla to adopt the North American charging standard (NACS) for its fleet of electric vehicles. The first battery-powered models of the brand to benefit from the specific charging ports will do so from 2025.

Subaru remains vague about its intentions, mentioning only “some of its electric vehicles in North America”. Adoption will be gradual, with the brand’s strategists most likely prioritizing the technology as other EVs make their way to the brand’s showrooms.

Customers who purchase a Subaru EV equipped with CCS technology will be able to take advantage of an adapter to connect to Tesla’s network of charging stations. This decision will greatly expand the number of charging options to more than 15,000 additional charging stations across the continent.

Subaru has identified 2030 as the year when 50% of its worldwide sales will come from electric vehicles. In this respect, the manufacturer will have to increase the rate of adoption by multiplying the number of models, as its first electric crossover, the Subaru Solterra, is not selling as quickly as its best-selling model, the Subaru Crosstrek.

Subaru joins an already impressive list of brands that have signed an agreement with Tesla for its NACS charging ports. Of these, only Volkswagen and Stellantis continue to ignore Tesla and its NACS standard.


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