Sunday, November 27, 2022
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The 2021 Fisker Electric SUV Reveals Itself Even More

2021 Fisker Electric SUV
Henrik Fisker took the liberty on Twitter to share a bit more details about its upcoming electric SUV. First announced in March of this year, the Fisker Electric SUV is slowly showing more skin. Now, in the newest release, we can see the full front-end...

Fisker electric SUV teased again

Fisker Electric SUV Third Teaser
Fisker gives us another glimpse at its all-new electric SUV, this time, it shows part of the side profile and rear. Fisker continues to reveal little by little the details surrounding its long-awaited electric utility vehicle. Fisker has already unveiled the outline of the front...

Fisker Electric SUV Shows More Skin In New Teaser Image

Fisker Electric SUV Second Teaser
Fisker has a new electric SUV in the works. After seeing the grill, we now get a better vue of the new EV's front 3/4 panel. EV maker Fisker is trying to get back on its feet and is already planning a few new models...

Three Things You Should Know About New $40,000 Fisker Electric SUV

Fisker electric SUV
EV builder Fisker has been back in the news for some time now. This morning, the automaker unveiled a new electric SUV priced at about $40,000. Only one image of the new Fisker electric SUV was released but the brand did provide some insight into...

Fisker Planning To Unveil $40k Electric Vehicle On March 18th

Fisker affordable EV teaser
The Fisker name is well known in the car business but not necessarily for the right reasons. This is why this new affordable EV Tweet is being received with lots of skepticism. Henrik Fisker is one of the better-known modern-day car designers thanks to credits...