Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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BMW Recalls PHEV Models For Potential Battery Fires

Roughly 26,700 vehicles are affected worldwide. Affected models range from the X1 to the i8. Contaminants in the battery packs may be at fault. In BMW’s case, the source of the issue has been found. This is the silver lining in this case as...

BMW i8 Production Ended With A Rainbow Of 18 Uniquely Colored Units

BMW i8 final production run
The BMW i8 is headed for retirement BMW marked the end of the i8's production run with 18 final units, all painted in different colors Many shades were never offered on the i8 during its production run The BMW i8 production run has come...

The BMW i8 Gets Unplugged

2020 BMW i8
BMW i8 production ends in April 2020. More than 20,000 units of the PHEV sports car have been produced since 2014. The i8 Ultimate Sophisto Edition will mark the end of the car’s career with a 200-unit run. Production of the BMW Group’s very...

BMW i8 Catches Fire In Europe Dealership, Gets Dropped In Huge Bath

BMW i8 on fire in the Netherlands
A BMW i8 caught fire in a Netherlands dealership, forcing firefighters to get creative. When employees of a dealership in Tilburg, Netherlands noticed smoke coming from the BMW i8 in the showroom, they immediately rolled the car out and called for help. The firefighters who responded...

BMW’s i family is growing

Bmw i4
A while back, we were invited by BMW to sample all of their iPerformance cars and SUVs. While we did drive nearly all of their plug-in hybrids, the latest i3 and i8 were the vehicles we targeted. The presentation that preceded the drives explained in...

Los Angeles Auto Show: BMW introduces the new i8 Roadster

BMW i8 roadster
BMW's press conference at the Los Angeles Auto Show was a nice way to recap the last few months. The presentation of the new M5 and the rare M3 CS is a testament of the manufacturer regarding performance in general. The two prototypes, the...